January 27


When words come alive.

By Natasha Dongell

January 27, 2020

Introducing Cycle #2 - "ACTIVATE" - of His Words Series: Real Change with His Words

The Activate cycle intends to take the words we’ve considered, pondered, and meditated on, and bring them to life by personalizing them and infusing them with faith. We want His Words not just in our intellect or knowledge base, but to be “alive and active” in our innermost being (Hebrews 4:12).

What does it take to bring His Words to life? Meditating is a passive practice, but activating is… active! To activate something, a catalyst is required, a spark to get the candle burning. In this case, that catalyst is faith. Without faith, His Words sit like unlit candles, taking up space but providing no light or warmth to the soul. So, in this cycle, we will be praying His Words, not just thinking about them. We’re picking them up like arrows from the quiver and pointing them toward the goal of unprecedented living.

Here’s the thing though, activating God’s Word in your inner being is dangerous business! By that I mean, it ignites the Refiner’s fire within your soul! You will be changed if you allow His Words to come to life inside of you. There’s no telling what the outcome will be, except that you will look more and more like Jesus, discover more of your true self, and become freer of all this life’s strongholds and constraints.

So hold on! Like Lucy and Mr. Tumnus say of Aslan, “No one said he was a tame lion…”

“No, but He is good.”

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