gathering, raising, and sending

Hi, I'm Natasha!

I am head over heels in love with Jesus Christ and His church!  

I am passionate about GATHERING people into God's presence, RAISING them in His love, and SENDING them as healthy, empowered disciples of the Jesus Way.   

I really believe that Jesus' love makes us whole.  It draws us into a whole new version of being human.  God doesn't just "save" us, he forms us.  He makes us different.  He makes us new, kainos - of a different kind.  This is the new birth.  And through a kainos kind of people, He extends this transformative, perfect love to others.  Person to person.  That's what changes the world.  


Natasha is the lead and founding pastor of Follow Church.  Still in its pre-launch phase, it purposes to disciple and send this emerging generation.


Natasha is passionate about equipping the next generation for spiritual formation and effective ministry. 


Natasha is for "the one."  

"I think this is how we build His kingdom, one beloved person at a time."

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Need a raw expression of pain?

Natasha blogged openly through the first year after her husband's death.  Read and know you're not alone. 


They say

"It is incredibly powerful to experience the transforming voice of God speaking to your heart when someone clearly explains and communicates the Bible. Natasha is wise beyond her years, spiritually sensitive, and purposefully relevant to her audience. Each and every time she preaches, I receive a new truth that impacts my life and challenges me to be more like Jesus."

Tanya Nace

Executive Director, World Hope International (Canada)

Natasha is a sought-after writer and communicator with the potential to be one of the leading voices in the Western Church today... What makes Natasha stand out amongst her peers is that she is inspiring. The ability to inspire people is a rare gift. Having walked with and worked with her, I can attest that she does tremendous justice to that gift.

Tim Kirkpatrick

Founder & Managing Partner, Second Chair Solutions.(